Friday, September 26, 2008

Mark Sloniker with Joe Anderies at Dazzle

One of my major ongoing projects is to photograph as many Denver-area jazz musicians as I can. I am maintaining a gallery on Zenfolio to display my best pictures of each musician. There are already well over 100 musicians represented in the gallery. I plan to feature some of them individually here.

First up: jazz pianist Mark Sloniker, who lives in Fort Collins. He is my first choice both because he was one of the most recent additions to the gallery, but also because he was one of the first musicians I met upon moving to Colorado in 1988. I lived in Fort Collins for 10 years before moving to Denver, and I have been fortunate to work in Denver fairly regularly since moving here. Mark has been playing a steady gig in Fort Collins for decades, but had not had much opportunity to play at a major Denver jazz club. This was his Dazzle debut, and I was thrilled to be able to be there and see my old friend - who, I might add, is sounding better than ever!

Here are a few other pictures from that gig:

And here's a link to even more.

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